Waikem Blood Drive

Hello! So this is the start of the Waikem Blog. My name is Jordan Waikem and I’ll be the first post. Now, everyone may expecting me to talk about cars, trucks and SUV’s but I’m going to throw a curve ball and talk about the Blood Drive we’re holding here at the dealership.

First, the basics:

It will be held in the Mitsubishi Showroom, on July 25 (Monday), from 1pm-5pm. We will have a raffle for a $200 auto detail, and anyone who donates will be entered in the raffle. There will be snacks provided by the American Red Cross, and pizza donated by Kraus’s Pizza on Lincoln Way, in Massillon. We’re opening this blood drive to the community, as well as employees and are hoping for a big turnout!

A bit more about donating:
There are three types of donations: Platelets, Whole Blood, Plasma. For those of you who don’t know, platelets are important because they transport the oxygen to your organs and cells, and when donated to the Red Cross your platelets go to top priority people, such as cancer patients and burn victims. And whole blood donations (which is what we will be doing at this drive) go to victims that need transfusions due to an accident or surgery. And plasma is used for people with rare, chronic diseases because they rely on plasma protein therapy to replace proteins & antibodies they lack.

Now for a bit more sharing… I’m going to tell you why I donate, and why this is a community event that I hope sees a lot of action.

When I was 14 my mom and aunt both had cancer. My mom survived, but my aunt did not. I mostly donate platelets, instead of whole blood, because of my experience with cancer in my family and how platelets helped. And unlike whole blood, not everyone is born with enough platelets to donate- I am. I started donating platelets last year, and go about 25 times a year to donate. It’s a time commitment that I’m willing to make because I know it can help save others. This time though, I will be donating whole blood in the Drive, in hopes that my participation will inspire others to do the same. *For the record: I am TERRIFIED of needles and blood, and get quite nauseous when I donate because I’m so afraid. But what helps me get through it is knowing that I am helping save someone’s life… and the snacks afterward aren’t too bad either!

Now that you know why your help is needed, and that there are plenty of reasons to donate (saving lives, food, and a raffle) I’m hoping to see you here at the dealership on July 25! Even if you just come to support someone else who’s donating.

Please RSVP to our event on facebook here

Thanks for reading!

Jordan Waikem

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