The Advantages of Subaru’s Symmetric All Wheel Drive

Everyone has been in a car during slippery conditions where you just could not get traction. With Subaru’s Symmetric All Wheel drive these issues are a thing of the past. There are several advantages to this system that will help you keep going straight and true under any condition. First, let’s talk about the mechanical differences. The main difference is that most All Wheel Drive Systems are adapted from Front or Rear Wheel Drive therefore extra components are added to distribute power to the other wheels. This causes repair on these systems to be more expensive. In addition, cars adapted from this system also tend to torque steer because the axles are different sizes. Torque steering causes the vehicle to pull to the left or right when you lose traction. On a vehicle adapted from Front Wheel Drive to All Wheel Drive the power is delivered to the front wheels until slippage is detected, then the power is shifted to the rear wheels. The problem with this system is that if one of the wheels on the rear of the car cannot get traction you will continue to slip. The opposite is true with Rear Wheel Drive adapted for All Wheel Drive. When the rear wheels slip then power is distributed to the front causing similar problems. With Subaru’s symmetric All Wheel drive if any wheel slips then power can be focused to any wheel with traction. The Symmetric All Wheel drive system has near identical weight to the right and left sides of the car which keeps the weight distribution equal making sure the car neither overseers nor under steers. Symmetric All Wheel Drive is available on all Subaru’s model. If you are interested in learning more about this system or you are interested in testing it for yourself please stop by our Subaru franchise located at 4231 Lincoln Way East, Massillon, Ohio, or go to

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