2011 Tokyo Motor Show: Day 1 recap

Drivers got a glimpse into the future Wednesday, as the top manufacturers rolled out concept cars on day one of the Tokyo Auto Show. Honda showed that plug-cars can also be stylish thanks to this AC-X Concept PHEV. This all white beauty is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder and two electric motors. Honda really showed off the bells and whistles with this one, introducing an “Automatic Drive Mode Support,” in which the steering wheel folded into the dash and a footstool rolled out for the driver to recline and watch his car do all the work!

Honda also turned heads with the EV-STER electric sports car. It looks the racing car of the future (link), with rear-wheel drive and an electric drivetrain. This concept boasts a top speed of 99 mph, and convertible makes it seem like the perfect car for a future summer day!

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Experts say Black Friday is the Best Day of the year to Buy or Lease a Car

Experts say Black Friday is the best day of the year to buy or lease a car, thanks to end of the year specials on the most recent models. http://autos.yahoo.com/news/why-black-friday-is-the-best-day-of-the-year-to-buy-a-car.html

The Waikem Auto Family is offering its best specials of the year now through Nov. 30. See what’s right for you and take advantage of the best deals this holiday season!

Waikem Subaru is Expanding!

The Waikem Auto Family is expanding again with the purchase of the former Demetri’s Deli restaurant. The latest expansion gives us more space for certified used Subarus and a new one-stop customer service center for minor cosmetic repair.

Our Subaru sales staff has already parked vehicles on the new lot, 4215 Lincoln Way East. It is adjacent to our current Subaru space and provides additional 120-feet of frontage on our Lincoln Way lot, plus an additional 1.5 acres of dealership space.

Most of these vehicles will carry Subaru’s certified preowned 6 year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. Subaru is one of the fastest-growing car companies in the North American market, and 65 more vehicles can fit on our new lot.

The building itself will serve as a hub for any minor cosmetic repairs, including paintless dent repair, windshield repairs, remote start installation, window tinting, paint sealant, fabric scotch guarding, heated seat installation and rear camera installation.

The Waikem Auto Family now has 36 acres of automotive related business space at one location on Lincoln Way between Canton and Massillon. New exterior lighting will be installed at the new lot, and this expansion will lead to 10-17 new employees down the line.

“We’re excited to increase our presence in Perry Township,” said Doug Waikem, Owner of Waikem Auto Family. “The Waikem boys were born and raised in Perry Township and we are glad to continue expanding in this community.”

Doug, along with brothers Chip and Dave are the second generation of the family-run business. Doug said this expansion reminds him of a saying his father George Waikem Sr. would  always tell him growing up.

“Dad always said a tree will die when it quits growing,” he said. “The day we quit expanding is the day we’ll all retire, but we are in the third generation of the family dealership, so I don’t think we’ll stop expanding any time soon.”