Man surprises wife with new Subaru!


The Ringer family, dad Charile, mom Diane, and their two children, Jack and Rosemary, receive the keys for their new 2012 Subaru Forester from Doug Waikem, while George Waikem (far left) and Dave Waikem (far right) watch on Friday, Dec. 23 in the Waikem Subaru showroom.

Charlie Ringer gave his wife Diane the ultimate present this year, surprising her with a new 2012 Subaru Forester.

Charlie and Diane test drove the Forester a week before Christmas, and he wanted to make the new vehicle a Christmas present.

Charlie told his two children, Jack and Rosemary, about the surprise present, but they were not allowed to tell mom. He told his wife that they needed to talk to Subaru salesman Mark Urdiales and the Waikem boys about the model and go over some details before the purchase, but when the family arrived at the Waikem Subaru dealership Friday, Dec. 23, the silver all wheel drive model was waiting in the showroom and covered in a bunch of red ribbons.

“I already purchased it,” Charlie told his happily surprised wife. She jumped behind the wheel and started testing out her new Forester.

Diane said it was a great surprise, and joked that it should cover about ten years worth of presents.

George “Duece” Waikem said a few husbands typically surprise their wives each year with a new vehicle from Waikem.

Happy Holidays from everyone at the Waikem Auto Family.

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