Check out the new NASCAR Ford Fusion

If Tuesday’s debut was any example, the “S”  and “C” are coming back to NASCAR.

Of course NASCAR stands for National Association for STOCK CAR Racing, but the Stock Car look and feel has sadly disappeared from the sport in the past decade.

Ford is bringing it back though thanks to the unveiling of the 2013 Ford Fusion, which you should see in Daytona in 2013. Ford said it aimed to bring its brand identity back, and they hope to be the face of the sport looking forward.

The Fusion looks just like the one you’ll see on the highway, and it’s getting rave reviews from NASCAR journalists. (Click here and here)

It’s going to be tested throughout this year so it’s ready for Daytona next year.

Something tells us Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth will look good behind wheel of this beauty.

What do you think? Will this Fusion bring the stock back to stock car racing? Will this car change your opinion about the sport or your favorite driver?

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