Honda, Ford and Nissan top MPG list

We’ve all cringed lately as we filled our vehicle, and the worst parts is, the gas prices are still rising.

We know you are going to want and need a vehicle with higher MPGs, and the good news is, we proudly carry many of the most fuel efficient models on the road today.

Consumer Reports recently tested all the top models, and Honda and Ford had the top four fuel-efficient models.

According to their tests, the Civic LX is No. 1, coming in at 47 MPG. The Civic EX comes in with 43 MPG. The Ford Fiesta SE and Sedan models are three and four, reaching 45 and 43 MPG respectively.

Many of our top models reach beyond MPG, including the manual transmission Honda CR-V (45), Nissan Versa SV Sedan (40), Fiesta SES manual hatchback (42), and Ford Fusion Hybrid (40).

Take back the pump, check out these models when considering your next model. If they are going to charge this much, it’s best to be prepared.

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