Customers Getting More Than Ever For Their Trade

The resurgence of the auto industry is a great story to tell, and the Canton Repository told the local story in Thursday’s newspaper.

Right on the front page is the headline “Car Sales Surge,” and Waikem co-owner Doug Waikem says “In 37 years, I’ve never seen business this good.”

He said customers are getting more than ever for their trades. “Right now, people get retail for their trades.”

Doug also cites Waikem Kia and Waikem Hyundai with the recent success. They are the hottest franchises in the U.S. right now thanks to cool designs and vehicles that have great MPG.

Doug says that drivers are switching to smaller, more fuel efficient models in the wake of $4 per gallon gasoline.

Jump ahead of the trend, and see what’s on the hot market today!

Thanks to the Canton Repository for the great article. Check it out here!

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