The Mitsubishi i: Another electric test drive

The Mitsubishi i is one of the most anticipated electric vehicles to hit the market, so when ours was delivered we were eager to take it out for a test drive.

After an hour with the car, we feel it has great battery life and a fun design. Taller drivers may have problems with legroom, and we feel the interface could be more user friendly.

Starting an electric car for the first time is always fun, because you aren’t quite sure if you’ve actually started the battery. There is no “revving” noise that you’ve grown to expect every time you turn the key.

One of the nice parts of the Mitsubishi i is the Acoustic Vehicle Alert System. This system generates sound that alerts pedestrians to your presence, so you know that you and the people around you are safe when you’re behind the wheel.

The overall drive was smooth once you got going.


The i definitely has its pros and cons as far as comfort goes. There is plenty of headroom in the i, even for the tallest driver. However, the width of the front seats leaves something to be desired. The driver cannot really lay his hand down without touching the passenger.

The i comes with Mitsubishi Multi Communication System that includes Navigation, Bluetooth Connectivity and Audio Controls on a touch screen center display.

We always find these systems to be helpful, but this one could have been more helpful. We couldn’t immediately figure out how create a custom navigation search on the GPS.

One huge plus was the simple climate control knobs. There are just three knobs to control the temperature, AC, and climate type.

The EPA says the i can travel  62 miles on a full charge. In the hour we traveled with the i, we found the charging information to be accurate. We didn’t see any drops in battery life during our hour-long test drive.

The EPA says the i’s 112 Miles Per Gallon equivalent makes the i the most efficient vehicle in its class.

The Mitsubishi i has one of the most fun designs of any car on the market. The more rounded, smaller styling of the i definitely drew the attention of the people who watched us take photos of the black model we got to test.

If a car is going to drive like the car of the future, it should look like the car of the future, so we give Mitsubishi props there.

Another great advantage of the i is the U.S Government’s $7,500 tax credit you’ll receive for purchasing the i.

All in all this car is leaps and bounds beyond its main competitors the Toyota Prius and the Chevrolet Volt. This is the obvious choice for any Eco minded buyer.  If you’re ready for an emissions-free lifestyle, call  1-877-331-6360 and schedule a test drive today.

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