Expansion Starts at Quick Lane

Expansion at Waikem

A vacant house was recently demolished to start the expansion of the Waikem Quick Lane. When completed, Waikem will create new jobs and help Perry Township.

Expansion is happening again at the Waikem Auto Family.

If you’ve driven down Lincoln Way lately, you’ll notice we are preparing a major expansion to our Quick Lane Service Center. By Halloween, we will be creating a dozen new jobs for the local community.

We purchased a vacant house next door to our Quick Lane Center, 4324 Lincoln Way East. We’ve demolished the home, and the plan is to expand the Service Center starting in July.

When completed, there will be 8 new service  bays — two devoted to heavy duty trucks — this will help the expansion of oil and gas in Stark and neighboring rural counties. The Waikem Auto Family plans to hire 12 new associates when renovations are complete. After this expansion, the Waikem Auto Family will have nearly 300 local employees!

When complete, the Quick Lane will be open seven days a week.

The Waikem Family expects to complete expansion by October.

Expansions to Waikem Auto Family

A few weeks after demolition, residents can see a better prospective of expansions to Waikem Quick Lane. We will add eight new service bays and hire seven new employees.

Other features of the expansion include new signage, state of the art brushed stainless steel siding, and the building will be heated with recycled oil.

This expansion goes along with expansion in progress currently at the Waikem Auto Family. We have almost completed the renovations to the former Demetri’s Deli Restaurant, now part of Waikem Subaru. We are also finished with the Service Lane expansion at George Waikem Ford/Nissan.

The Waikem Auto Family was founded in Massillon  in the 1950s by George Waikem SR. The family business is now in its third generation. The Waikems were born and raised right here in Stark County, and although they have received numerous offers to open dealerships in other communities, they have stayed right here at home. They are always ready to  help their community!

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