2013 Subaru Legacy: Safety Features and All Wheel Drive

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The 2013 Subaru Legacy is a feature-heavy, fun-to-drive model that combines sporty and safety into one model.

Subaru made a few comfort and aesthetic changes to this year’s model, and the new Eye Sight Technology brings a whole new element of safety to  a vehicle.
The Eye Sight Technology was the highlight of our test drive.  It changes driving as we know it as far as safety is concerned.

You can set a safe driving distance, and even if you have the cruise control set, the 2013 Legacy will slow  itself down to ensure that you maintain a safe distance in front of you.

If you don’t have your turn signal on, Eye Sight Technology will beep if you stray left or right into another lane, a huge safety measure that could prevent future accidents down the road.

2013 Subaru Legacy


Features don’t stop with the Eye Sight Technology, as Subaru offers the full gamut of features in the 2013 Legacy. They include available Sunroof, heated seats and touch screen navigation. The Legacy is offered in five separate trim levels.

Of course, it has Subaru’s Symmetrical All Wheel Drive, making it one of the safest and most fun cars to drive.

The Subaru Legacy comes n seven exterior colors and a choice between black or ivory cloth or leather seats.

2013 Subaru Legacy Navigation


At first, it doesn’t appear that Subaru made a ton of changes to the Legacy, but when you see it in person, you will observe the new front bumper and front grille. Subaru also made the 2013 Legacy a quieter vehicle thanks to a stronger suspension system.

On our test drive, we thought this was one of the most comfortable vehicle we’ve ever driven. We didn’t even noticed the potholes or other dings on some of the less maintained roads we took this Legacy on.


The Subaru Legacy comes with its Second Generation Continuously Variable Transmission, allowing for improved fuel economy of up to 32 MPG!

Overall thanks to safety and style measures, we think the 2013 Subaru Legacy stacks up to the completion from BMW and Volvo. If you want to test out the Legacy for yourself, give us a call at 330-478-0281 and start of life of All Wheel Drive.

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