PSY Goes Gangnam Style for the Hyundai Equus

psy equus facebook

The hottest singer in Korea has teamed up with the hottest car in Korea for a knockout collaboration.

Rapper PSY, who has taken over the world with his hit song “Gangnam Style,” is now gracing the pages of the Hyundai Equus Facebook page.


PSY Gangnam Style Hyundai

It seems he is a fan of affordable luxury model, showing off his black Equus.

On the Equus Facebook page, PSY is posing next to his Hyundai with a caption that reads, “We caught up with K-Pop sensation PSY blowing up the Swag-o-Meter in his mega-luxe Equus. How do you roll Gangnam Style?” And to the right of the photo is the Equus “Swag-o-Meter,” which apparently measures the swag that a particular vehicle possesses, ranging from “tight” to “Gangnam Style.”

If you haven’t heard Gangnam Style, use your internet connection to check it out today. It’s the hottest video on YouTube.

PSY must have choose the Equus after he read that MSN chooses it over a Rolls Royce.

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