Review: 2013 Ford Fusion Meeting Expectations

We’ve been hearing about the 2013 Ford Fusion for a long time.

We first saw it at the Cleveland Auto Show, saw the NASCAR version and watched various commercials on this potential game changing midsized sedan.

It hit the dealership floor Friday, and it looks even better in person.

It’s as gorgeous and sporty as we expected it to be. Not to mention it was fun to drive. With a crowded field of impressive midsized sedans, the 2013 Ford Fusion fits in near the top.

First off is the redesigned fresh style. It’s an entirely different vehicle from the previous Fusion. It looks like  a high end sports car up front with the new thin, swooping headlights and the trapezoidal grille shape placed higher on the front end.

Across the Ford brand, this cutting edge unique grille is “The New Face of Ford,” and this is the face you want to fall in love with.

As your eyes follow down the vehicle, you’ll see that Ford has sculpted this car differently than anything else you see on the road. It takes the best of that swooping sculpted style of other models and makes it even more gorgeous than what you ever seen on the road today.

As overall exterior style goes, we give the Fusion and A-plus.

The interior is also redesigned. We drove a stylish black cloth Fusion with red stitched design. It looked like a sports car and for cloth seats, it exceeded the design style of any other.

As far as comfort went, these cloth seats were by far the most comfortable we ever sat in. Your passengers will beg you take them along  on a long road. There is a ton of legroom for all passengers, and overall this is one of the most comfortable drives you’ll have.

You get nice features as well. Similar to other 2013 models, the Fusion has an available touch screen that features you entertainment system, climate control, compass navigation, along with a rear view camera.

This vehicle is also packed with blind spot and side lane sensors, so if you are drifting out of your lane, the vehicle will warn you. Blindspot monitors also keep you safe all around the car.

There’s also the ability to download your favorite driving and entertainment apps, so you are no longer hamstrung by what your vehicles offers at its current point of technology.

Along with being stylish, the Fusion is Eco-Friendly. It gets up to 37 mpg in a traditional fuel engine model, with hybrid and electric options as well.

The Fusion also has the future in mind. They took recyclable materials like water bottles turned them into eco friend seats.

Ford wants the 2013 Fusion to be hallmark of years of redesigned models. We think they hit this one out of park. We have a limited number of Fusions available, and customers are clamoring for a test drive. If you want to be one of the first on the road in the fuel efficient  redesigned Ford Fusion, call 330-478-0281 to schedule your test drive.



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