Nissan’s Continued Innovation


Here at the Waikem Auto Family,  we love innovation and forward thinking. Nissan has recently unveiled the world’s first steering technology that allows independent control of a vehicle’s tire angle and steering inputs that they have developed.

Unlike a typical steering system that uses a mechanical link, Nissan’s all-new steering system uses electronic signals to read the driver’s intentions from steering inputs and controls the vehicle’s tire movement.

The system reads information from the road and adjusts automatically so that the driver feels only the necessary performance from the road. The newly developed system uses a camera-based straight-line stability system to enhance driving stability. For instance, if the vehicle is being pushed around by a crosswind or due to road surfaces the system will make minor adjustments to keep the vehicle driving on its intended course.

Nissan’s new steering system will also be able to analyze the road ahead to recognize lane direction, detects changes in vehicle’s  direction, and transmits this information to multiple electronic control units (ECUs).

If one of these ECUs malfunction they have two other’s to rely on and they will take over. If there is a complete disruption in the power supply a backup clutch will connect the steering wheel and wheels mechanically.  So there is no worry that an electrical issue will affect your peace of mind.

This new system from Nissan will be equipped on select Infiniti models on sale within one year.

We are always excited to see new ideas and technology come to the vehicle’s we love.

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