Honda Wins Best Retained Value Award

2013 Honda Accord

The 2013 Honda Accord was named ALG’s top Midsized car, while the Honda brand projects to have the best retained value after 3 years.

Value means so much when a customer is selecting his next vehicle. You want the vehicle to be good now, but of course you also want it to have value 3 to 5 years from now.

So when you are picking a vehicle based on value, experts say pick the Honda product.

ALG, he industry benchmark for vehicle values and a leading provider of automotive insights, recently announced that Honda finished first in the annual Residual Value Awards.

ALG’s Residual Value Awards honor the vehicles in each segment that are forecast to retain the highest percentage of MSRP after a three-year period. Award recipients were chosen after a careful evaluation of vehicle criteria, including segment competition, historical vehicle performance and industry trends. This year’s awards are based on 2013 model year vehicles.

Anyone who has driven a Honda would not be surprised with these results. Honda has always equaled quality in the eyes of the consumer. You still see 20-plus year old Hondas with more than 200,000 miles on the road, and the new models are also turning heads.

We’ve already fallen in love with the 2013 Honda Accord, and we cannot wait to see the 2013 Honda Civic in person.

ALG also announces best in class segment awards. The Honda Fit was named ALG’s top Sub Compact Car, and the 2013 Honda Accord was named top Midsize Car.As Waikem Honda wins, so does Honda. Congrats again to everyone with the brand.

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