AOL: December is the Best Month to Buy a Car

Waikem Auto Family Used Car Lot

AOL Autos says late December is the best time to purchase your next car.

The experts say late December is the best time to buy a vehicle.

Aol Auto’s experts put the numbers together, and determined the last few days of the years should be busy inside the showroom.

Specifically, the experts point to December 24, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31st as the best days.

“We think December is going to be a mad crazy month for buying,” says AOL Autos editor-in-chief David Kiley. “You have end-of-year sales targets and competitions between automakers to top one another, plus shoppers still out there replacing cars destroyed by Sandy in the Northeast.”

AOL says consumers expect their taxes to increase in 2013, so they are trying to beat the increase and get the car now.

Another reason it’s a great time to buy, AOL says, is because dealerships are looking to meet year end goals, so they make can’t miss deals.

At the Waikem Auto Family, we’re trying to reduce inventory before the end of the year, so we’re offering zero down, low payments and extra incentives to help get you into your next vehicle. Just check out the inventory now. Also, check out our current specials.

Remember, the experts say this the best time all year to buy to car. If you’re in the market, you’d be crazy to not put a car underneath the tree this season!

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