Hyundai unveils HCD-14 Genesis Concept car at Detroit Auto Show

Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept teaser

Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept teaser

Concept cars are the art pieces of the automotive world. Showing off futuristic lines, beautiful interiors, and aesthetics that are out of this world the concept car can be unbelievable to behold.

At the Detroit Auto Show Hyundai has unveiled their HCD-14 Genesis concept.



With its fluid design it evokes images of a high-speed boat. You can imagine how easily this car will cut through the air with its deep cut grooves running from end-to-end. From windshield to tail light the sloping roof gives it a sleek look that begs to be driven.

From the side the design is reminiscent of luxury European sedans. Go around to the front of the vehicle and you will find a snarling beast demanding that you get out of its way.

The interior is a thing of beauty. With four bucket seats and a center console that extends from the instrument panel to the rear seats this Hyundai definitely looks inviting. The HCD-14 has a rear hinged rear door that, when opened with the front door, provides a full view into the car.  Wood detailing on the console adds a great deal of luxury to this Genesis concept.

Using eye-tracking technology and 3-D hand gesture recognition the HCD-14 can recognize commands without distracting the driver with knobs and buttons. By selecting a function through eye-tracking, the driver can change settings for navigation, infotainment, audio, HVAC, and even smartphone connectivity functions.

Being a concept, the HCD-14 Genesis will sadly not be going into production as is. However, it is promising to see a glimpse into Hyundai’s future. How many features of the concept will go into the next generation of Genesis is anyone’s guess. We are excited to see what is coming next for Hyundai’s lineup. If this is just a taste the Waikem Auto Family is officially excited.

What do you think of the HCD-14 Genesis Concept? What aspects do you want to see in future Hyundai cars?

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