Honda has Two in the 35-MPG Club

2013 Honda Insight

2013 Honda Insight

With fuel efficient cars becoming ever popular manufacturers must keep up with demand.

MSN Autos has recently compiled a list of cars (not including electric or plug-in hybrids) that reach at least a combined 35 mpg. Honda has two 2013 models in that list.

The Honda insight and the Honda Civic Hybrid both have what it takes to save you money at the pump.

The 2013 Honda Insight, with a combined fuel efficiency of 42 mpg (41 city/44 highway) will cost you only $1,200 per year for gas, according to the Energy Department.

The 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid, with a combined fuel efficiency of 44 mpg (44 city/44 highway) is a fun vehicle to drive that includes Honda’s reputation for reliability.

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