Domestic Cars Making a Comeback

2013 Ford Fusion

The age-old argument between the Domestic and Import has raged on since what feels like forever. And for the past decade it seemed rather one-sided.

That is until auto industry research and consulting company Strategic Vision released its 2013 Total Quality Index study recently. Strategic Vision has been at this since 1994 and looks at factors from traditional counting of reported problems to examining subtle elements that influence car-buying decisions.

For 2013 it seems the domestic brands have won more TQI awards than brands from overseas, being the first time it has happened in more than decade.

Alexander Edwards, president of Strategic Vision says:

“There’s no questioning domestic car makers want to lead. For the first time in over a decade our comprehensive and holistic study of Quality resulted in more domestic winners than imports. Don’t misunderstand, imports like Hyundai are a force to be reckoned…”

As with most studies like these there are several categories of vehicles, and each has a winner. Some of those winners are:

The Kia Soul took the top spot in the Small Multi-Function category.

Ford Fusion came out on top in the Medium Car segment.

Honda Crosstour won for Medium Multi-Function vehicles.

And the Hyundai Genesis is on top for Near-Luxury Cars.

Darrel Edwards, the company’s founder and executive chairman, says:

“In our vehicle study we look at over 442 variables, many using a scale that involves Love. We use specific aspects of specific emotions to create a scale that captures concrete judgments with great clarity”

The company said it calculated the TQI based on 17,568 people who bought 2013 models from September to November of 2012.

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