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The 2013 Ford Flex is something to be seen. It’s not quite a crossover, not an SUV, but it’s also not a minivan or a sedan. What it is is one of the coolest wagons on the road today. It features great space for passengers and a ton of trunk space. Add in the unique styling, great MPG and nice technology, the Flex is a vehicle to be seen.

The Flex is a long wagon that features room for up to 7 passengers. In a lot of 7 passenger vehicles, you have to be very small to fit in the third row, but the Flex is different. We once had to take a group trip and we had 6 grown adult salesmen in a Flex. One passenger was more than 6’2 inches tall, and he also had very long legs. He choose to sit in the third row, and he could easily climb inside and comfortably.

No matter what size and shape your passengers are, we think they’ll enjoy sitting in the back seats of the Flex, something they couldn’t say in your current vehicle. But if you don’t have 7 passengers and you need additional space, it is easy to fold down that rear seat and use the Flex as if it were a van or a truck.

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Like with all Ford Models, the 2013 Ford Flex features great technology. You can get a Flex with available SYNC with Ford MyTouch. This is a voice activated technology which includes hands free calling, Bluetooth audio, and it will even read your incoming text messages. The 2013 Ford Flex also comes with available Navigation.

Another great technology is Available Active Park Assist. The Flex basically parallel parks itself with this option. Locate a spot and take your hands off the wheel, the Flex will do the rest.

Safety Tech includes BLIS — Blined Spot Information System. When you’re changing lanes, the Flex uses sensors that can detect vehicles in your blind sport. A light will illuminate on the side mirror which alerts you to the vehicle in your blind spot, so you stay safe.

Also available is Active Cruise Control. By Maintaining a present gap from the vehicle in front of you, adaptive cruise control and collision warning helps you maintain a safe distance, and if it detects a potential collision, the system will flash a warning across the windshield, sounds an alarm, changes the brakes and increases brake assist sensitivity to produce full responsiveness when you do brake.


The 2013 Ford Flex is powered by 3.5L EcoBoost V6 or V8 engine. The EcoBoost gets up to 25 MPG on the highway.



The 2013 Ford Flex has the space, the versatility, the features and the driving dynamics to make it a top choice among large family crossovers.

Pros: Spacious and versatile cabin with genuine three-row space; refined ride; high-tech features; all-wheel drive and turbocharged engine option.


If you’re looking for a family vehicle that is a modern equivalent of the classic American station wagon, the 2013 Ford Flex could be the one. It offers seating for six or seven, a range of models and prices, available all-wheel drive, and a turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engine.

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With an unmistakable design, strong performance, and a roomy, comfortable interior, the 2013 Ford Flex proves that three-row crossovers don’t have to be boring.


The 2013 Ford Flex SEL AWD offers plenty of space for passengers and bulky cargo, it accepts a wide range of audio sources, and you can add on a lot of driver aid and safety tech for not much more money.

The 2013 Ford Flex and all its great styling is here at George Waikem Ford. Bring the whole family, and you’ll see for yourself why everyone says it has the best space for a 3 row vehicle.

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