Ford Focus Named One of the Best Used Cars for Teens

One of the best used cars for teens

One of the best used cars for teens

A teenager’s first car needs to be safe, affordable, and easy enough to use without distracting them from the task at hand.

Yahoo’s car automotive experts have compiled a list of the best used cars for teens. They looked at used cars from 2008-2010 and generally available for less than $15,000.

They have selected the Ford Focus sedan as one of those cars.

With a great ride, agile handling, and plenty of interior space, the Ford Focus makes a great fit for a teen. The engine delivers average performance and a combined 26 mpg, keeping them away from the pumps and on the road.

The Ford Focus sedan allows teens to enjoy the freedom of the road while their parents can rest easy knowing their child is driving a safe vehicle.

While the Ford Focus is highly recommended we suggest you do your own research by looking through our used inventory at the Waikem Auto Family.

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