Three Fords Take Home Science Awards

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The Ford C-Max Energi, Taurus, and Flex have all earned awards from the Automotive Science Group (ASG).

Ford is a global leader when it comes to protecting the environment and the people who buy their cars. The ASG awards are just more proof of this.

The Automotive Science Group created the Automotive Performance Index to help consumers better assess value in the automotive marketplace. The Index incorporates social, environmental and economic performance analysis to introduce new performance measures that better differentiate market leaders from mainstream competitors.

The Ford C-Max Energi has earned the “Best Environmental Performance” award in the Compact vehicle category. The C-Max Energi earned this award by achieving “the highest level of production for the environment throughout its life-cycle, accounting for the impacts associated with raw material acquisition, vehicle manufacturing, vehicle shipping distribution, vehicle operation with fuel inputs, to end-of-life vehicle disposal and recovery.”

The Ford Taurus has earned the ‘Best Economic Performance” award in the Full-sized car category. The Taurus earns this award because it has “the lowest cost of ownership, accounting for life-cycle carrying and operating costs to better assess the economic benefits of owning and operating conventional versus alternatively powered vehicles.”

The Ford Flex brought home the “Best Social Performance” award in the Minivan category. The Flex earned this award because its “production chain ensures  the highest level of protection for the rights of those tasked with vehicle manufacturing and assembly, with criteria adhering to the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, the ILO’s Fundamental Human Rights Conventions and World Bank Governance Indicators.”

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