Ford adding 1,400 American Jobs

2013 Ford Fusion

Ford is investing $555 Million and 1,400 new jobs at their Flat Rock, Mich., Assembly Line. In total Ford is creating nearly 6,500 U.S. jobs this year, and is aiming for a goal of 12,000 new hourly jobs by 2015.

For the first time the Ford Fusion will be made in the United States. A testament to Ford’s efforts to bring jobs back to America. Because of this expansion, the Ford Fusion’s availability will increase by 30 percent. The 2013 Fusion is setting records for sales.

“With its bold design and great fuel economy, Fusion has exceeded all of our expectations, with demand outstripping supply,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of The Americas. “Fusion in Flat Rock is a win for all of our stakeholders – including customers, employees and dealers. At the same time, Ford is continuing its massive investment in America by creating another 1,400 jobs.”

Ford is investing $555 million in the Flat Rock Assembly Plant. It will be a state-of-the-art facility that will allow multiple vehicles to be produced their in the future.

Ford also has upgraded the plant’s paint shop with installation of its three-wet paint process. It is more environmentally friendly and takes less time than conventional paint processes, without compromising vehicle paint quality or durability.

Other technologies incorporated at Flat Rock include laser brazing, a form of welding that will be used on Fusion to attach the roof of the car to the body with a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing seam. In 2014, dirt detection technology will be introduced at Flat Rock to ensure optimal paint and surface quality, leading to smoother, shinier cars.

Flat Rock Assembly Plant also produces the iconic Ford Mustang, now in its 50th year. The plant recently celebrated the 1 millionth Mustang built at the facility. With the addition of Fusion production, Flat Rock Assembly Plant will have approximately 3,000 employees working two shifts at full line speed.

“We have completely transformed Flat Rock Assembly Plant to help prepare for Fusion production. These upgrades have allowed us to ensure we are building the highest-quality cars,” said Tim Young, plant manager, Flat Rock Assembly Plant.

Redesigned in 2013, the all-new Fusion looks like a European Sports Car. It’s an entirely different vehicle from the previous Fusion. It looks like  a high end sports car up front with the new thin, swooping headlights and the trapezoidal grille shape placed higher on the front end. The Fusion was named 2013 Ford Fusion “Green Car of the Year,” and it was IIHS Top Safety Pick. 

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