Ford Developing a Self-Parking Car

The Ford Motor Co. today unveiled it’s first developments in a self-parking car.

At a conference in Belgium, Ford introduced it’s Fully Assisted Parking Aid: a car that can find an open parking space and park itself without a driver behind the wheel. Ford has not announced plans to include this all-new technology in specifically in any vehicle, and cautioned that technology is still years away from seeing the marketplace. But, this is exciting news for those waiting to finally see the self driving autonomous vehicle.

Ford already has Active Park Assist, which helps a driver parallel park. This system is the next step.

Video: Fully Assisted Parking Aid

So how does it work? Ford says Fully Assisted Parking Aid is ultrasonic sensors around the vehicle that detect and open parking space — as long as the driver is traveling up to 18 mph. The driver would then hit his brake, shift the car into neutral and press the Fully Assisted Parking Aid button inside his car. The software would then drive the vehicle autonomously into the space, taking control of the steering, forward and reverse motion, braking and guidance. But, the driver can disengage the system at any time to over ride the process.

Ford says if the driver thinks the spot is too small, he can easily get out of the car and guide it by a remote control, possibly a smart phone!

Again, the technology is young, and Ford doesn’t expect it to hit the market any time soon.

When the technology hits, you know George Waikem Ford will be there to show it off.


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