Today’s Cars are more Fuel Efficient and Powerful than Ever

A report from Business Insider reveals that vehicles are more powerful and more fuel efficient than they have ever been. Studying data from 1975 to 2013, Business Insider reports its never been a better time to own a car.

Start with adjusted fuel economy, or MPG. Model year 2013 vehicles are the most fuel efficient ever, across the board. Compared with 1975, vehicles are 80 percent more fuel efficient. Simply go back to ten years ago, and you’ll find that vehicles are more than 20 percent more efficient than they were at that time. Business Insider  says 2005 was a turning point for the industry and fuel economy.

“That’s when technological innovations allowed automakers to pump up horsepower and fuel economy at the same time. Now, we have cars that weigh the same as they did in 1975, but are 80% more fuel efficient and 60% more powerful.”

Some of the innovations highlighted include lighter materials, better engines and the rise of the Hybird. The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid, for instance, gets and EPA estimated 47 MPG while producing 188 horsepower. Electric vehicles don’t have great volume, but their combination of fuel economy and power also helps the increase.

But now let’s talk fuel economy, because the myth was that fuel efficient means less powerful. Cars are more than 60 percent more powerful than they were in 195, and the numbers are also rising when compared to just a decade ago. Weight, though, is almost identical to 1975 figures.

Finally, adjusted Carbon Dioxide emissions are in a freefall. Just ten years ago, vehicle were emitting 500 grams/mile of adjusted CO2, while averages for 2013 creep to near 300 grams/miles of CO2. In the 1970s, the numbers peaked above 700 grams/mile of adjusted CO2.

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Average Fuel Economy Rises

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