New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

Everyone has New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe yours is to eat healthier, spend more time with family, stop smoking, lose weight or something else that will help you improve your life in 2014. But what about your car? If it could tell you its New Year’s Resolutions, what would it tell you it needed to live healthier this year? Waikem Auto Family’s Fixed Ops Director David Sams has complied the following list of New Year’s Resolutions for your car in 2014.

In the interest of my vehicle’s long life and quality of life, I resolve to:

  • Wash my vehicle regularly in both winter and summer.  Winter to remove debris and salt accumulations.  Summer to preserve the paint finish and longevity.
  • Maintain my oil changes regularly to ensure I receive the optimal mileage and engine life I can achieve.
  • Rotate my tires and check the tire pressures regularly to gain the best traction, tire life and gas mileage possible.
  • Keep up with the factory recommended scheduled maintenance for my driving habits and area.  This will help preserve my vehicle as well as protect my warranty status with the manufacturer.
  • Perform an alignment at least once a year to yield safe predictable handling and maximum tire life.
  • Check the tread depth of my tires to provide the safest traction and handling for the safety of my family.

Any Waikem Auto Family Service Department and the Quicklane of Massillon can help you keep  your vehicle safe and healthy in 2014. Visit us online for automotive repairs in Canton and Massillon, Ohio. We have service coupons, more information, and you can even schedule an appointment online. Have a great New Year.


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