Keselowski Gives Ford Mustang its First Win this Year

2014 NASCAR Las Vegas

Brad Keselowski used Ford power and fuel economy towards Ford’s first NASCAR win of 2014. The number 2 Miller Lite Ford Mustang took home the checkered flag in the NASCAR race at Las Vegas this weekend.

Keselowski outlasted Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Chevy on fuel economy.

“It’s great to be here.  I’ve seen a few of you before and some a little too soon ago, but I’m glad to see you again and glad to be back here in victory lane.  It’s very special to get a win early in the year when it’s just such a reliever for everyone on the team and myself included to get that win in early and be able to enjoy the races and opportunities that we have, instead of being stressed out about them.  I think, if anything, it actually lends itself to better racing.  The chance that Dale and Stevie took with the 88 car was way out there and it was a good risky move on their part because they had nothing to lose because of this format, so I think that shows some of the opportunities that come up and how they can be stress-free days.  I’m looking forward to being able to take those same opportunities because, believe me, I’m not scared to take them and I know Paul’s not, so look out.  It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

Brad actually swept the weekend, also winning Saturday’s Nationwide Race in Vegas.

Crew Chief Paul Wolfe said:  “It wasn’t really a big surprise.  We kind of knew where the tires were at and how they hold up.  That’s part of the strategy.  By no means would we have stayed out if we didn’t feel like our car was good enough or the tires would hold on.  The biggest gamble there was just the fuel window.  Like I said before, the things that have made us successful is being aggressive and we’re back and we’re gonna be aggressive.”

Besides Keselowski, Ford had three drivers in the top five: Joey Logano and Carl Edwards finished third and fifth.

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