Is Your Car as Ready for the Summer as You Are?

The weather is beginning to break and warm air is sneaking in. With a change in temperature comes a need for routine vehicle maintenance and preparation. While a lot of focus is put onto winterizing your car, summer doesn’t always get the same treatment

When temperatures heat up so too does your car’s engine which is why it is important to check your cooling system. The cooling system is designed to keep the temperature of your engine right around 200 degrees. If your engine gets too far above that temperature it could cause major (and expensive) damage. At such high temperatures the metal that makes up your engine weakens, and you can imagine how that would be bad.

To make sure your system is up to code you’ll want to check the radiator and hoses for leaks and cracks. Cold weather can cause rubber bits to become brittle. As cold as this past winter was it is a good idea to check.

Your radiator’s reservoir level should be half full, add coolant if it is not. Make sure the engine is cool before opening the radiator cap though. That warning on the lid isn’t a suggestion.

Be sure to check your air conditioning system for worn or damaged belts. You can still drive without air conditioning, but why would you want to?

Check your brakes to see how much they have left on them. Rain can get brakes wet and this could make them less responsive. If they are already worn down from use things can get hairy real quick.

Winter is a harsh season for people in Northeast Ohio. It’s also harsh on our vehicles. Potholes and extreme cold can cause damage that is often times easily missed.

Summer is a popular time for long road trips. Check your vehicle and make sure it will be able to handle the drive. No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road while they should be enjoying their vacation.

Bring your vehicle into one of our Waikem Service departments. Let our technicians look it over and make sure it’s as ready for summer as you are.

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