Ford F Series Rated Best for Passenger Safety

ford superduty

The Ford F-250 and F-350 models are among the best vehicles for protecting passengers from injuries in an accident. 

That’s according to, who studied claims from the industry, and found that the Ford F-350 is the safest vehicle on the market in protecting passengers from injuries. The Ford F-250 was no. 4 overall in the industry. made its list by analyzing insurance rates for Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payments, or MedPay, the coverage that pays for injuries to your passengers in a crash. Using rates from more than 750 vehicles, these F Series models are a among the best of the best.

In a story with Yahoo Autos, Russ Rader from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said heavier vehicles are more effective in protecting passengers. Yahoo adds that in crashed with roadside objects such as trees or poles, “it’s more likely that a heavier vehicle will be able to move the object, reducing the severity of the crash for the occupants.

In addition, larger vehicles have more ‘crush space’ in the front end, which means it takes longer for the vehicle to come to a complete stop in the crash. This helps an occupant ride down the crash over a longer period, reducing the severity of the impact on the body.”

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