2015 Ford F-150 BoxLink Cargo Management System

The 2015 Ford F-150  is the most important and most innovative truck the blue oval has ever created. It was built with the truck owner in mind, and among the many new features of this year’s redesign is BoxLink Cargo Management System.

The Ford Motor Co. released new information on the technology this week, promising that truck owners will have more room in the bed than ever.

BoxLink is a cargo management system that provides four additional tie-downs that can be configured a number of ways to keep your cargo secure. These four new tie-downs can be configured at least four different ways.

1. Bolted in place and locked in, the traditional hooks serve just as a regular hook would.

2. The hook has two small holes on each side, making it easy to attached a bungee cord hook for instance.

3. Remove the hook, and let the bolted on piece act independently, perfect for an S hook or  locking in traditional tie-downs.

4. Remove the hook, and attach anumber of aftermarket tie downs that make storage easy.

With these additional choices, there’s now 8 tie downs in the bed of the 2015 Ford F-150. These hooks are located in the middle of the box — accommodating the majority of cargo loads. Reinforcement of the cleats allows them to accommodate a horizontal (cross-box) load of 275 pounds and a diagonal load of 600 pounds.

“Customers told us not to touch the box,” said Adrian Aguirre, Ford engineer and co-inventor of BoxLink. “They want to tailor it to their unique needs, and this system allows for easy adaptation to a variety of applications.”

The 2015 Ford F-150 is a complete redesign, where everything is brand new. It’s built with every Ford owner in mind, the weekend warrior the guy putting in 100 hours per week in his truck. The style is brand new, the engines are brand new, and along with BoxLink, there are a number of innovative features that make this truck a true game changer.

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