Waikem Subaru Caring for the Children Event

On Saturday the 20th, we “shared the love” with Pathway Caring for Children at our Waikem Subaru showroom. They are one of the five charities that new Subaru owners can choose from, once chosen Subaru will donate $250 for every new Subaru that is either purchased or leased this month.

Pathway Caring for Children is a private, non-profit social service agency based in Canton, Ohio that provides foster care and adoption services for children of all ages in Stark County and surrounding areas. They also offer services to support healthy families that adopt these wonderful children such as mental health, respite care and post-adoption support. Their mission is to “empower children and families to realize their potential and achieve the possibilities of their lives through innovative mental health, foster care and adoption services” according to pathwaycfc.org. This organization works to ensure that every child has a forever home and that their forever home will be the best fit for them. They also help with the foster and adoptive parents in any way that they can.

We packed one of our favorite Subaru’s with items such as, Art supplies, educational items, games and stuffed animals that will be donated to Pathway Caring for Children. Customers that chose this organization to donate to was there and were able to speak directly with two representatives, Patricia Lott and Jacquie Batchelder, and learn about what their donation was going to. One customer, Janis Zanes was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with the representatives. She had just chosen to donate to their organization after purchasing her new 2015 Subaru Legacy just moments before from Rick Speith who is a sales person for our Waikem Subaru.

Our Waikem Subaru Share the Love event was a complete success! The donations keep rolling in and we are excited to see if we have exceeded our last years donation of more than $5,000 to pathway. There is still plenty of time to be apart of this amazing opportunity! Help us make this Holiday Season a happy one!

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