Car Care Tips for Winter 2015

If this morning was is any indication, January and February 2015 are going to be tough on your car. With the cold weather, possible heavy snow and ice, it’s not going to be an easy commute.  To stay safe on the roads, Waikem fixed ops director David Sams has a list of tips to help you stay safe on the roads.

1. Check wiper blades to make sure they are in good shape. Be sure to check the rear wiper on vehicles that are equipped with one.

2. Be sure washer fluid in tank is filled with a winter solution that protects to -20 degrees or more.

3. Be sure oil is fresh and topped off. Fresh clean oil helps your engine start better in cold weather.

4. Check that your engine coolant is protecting to -40 degrees or more.

5. Run heater and ac controls to make sure you have proper heat and defrost modes, and your vehicle reaches proper operating temperature.

6. Check your tire depth. You must have 5/32”, or more, remaining tread depth on your tires in the winter to bite into the snow. Install snow tires on all four wheels if possible for the winter months.

7. Make sure the best tires are on the rear of all vehicles. On a rear wheel drive, it is for traction. On a front wheel drive, it is so the rear end of the vehicle will not swing around when you are slowing or stopping and put you in a spin.

8. Make sure your brakes are operating properly with no pulling. The brake pads are used to slow the spinning wheel on cars with traction control on many vehicles. They are also used to prevent skids and sliding on anti-skid braking systems used on most cars today.

9. Have a winter survival kit on-hand inside your vehicle. It should include a snow/ice scraper, flashlight, a can of sterno, matches, blanket, some nutrition bars of your choice, jumper cables and if possible an emergency radio. A couple of road flares are a nice addition to the kit.

10. When you travel, add extra bottles of water in case you get stranded.

11. Check all lights around your vehicle to make sure they are operating properly. That way you can be seen by others in a storm, and see ahead of your vehicle in bad weather. If your headlights are cloudy, they can be polished to clear them up.

12. Keep your fuel tank topped off before it reaches the half way mark. You can never tell when a storm might hit.

Any Waikem Auto Family Service Department and the Quicklane of Massillon, Ohio, are here to help you. With our state of art equipment and award-winning staff, we can help keep your car safe this winter. Visit us online for a full list of services plus a long list of coupons. Contact us for help with any of your vehicle repair needs in Canton or Massillon, Ohio.

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