Ford’s Smart Mobility Map

The Ford’s smart mobility map is a plan that Ford is using to use innovation and cutting edge technology to take the company to the next level in terms of connectivity, mobility,  autonomous vehicles, customer experience and big data. We have seen tremendous innovation already here at George Waikem Ford and we are very excited to see what Ford has in store! It is sure to be ground breaking!

Ford is working towards using innovation to to create not only advanced vehicles but also help to change the way the world moves. They have taken into consideration today’s growing transportation challenges such as traffic congestion and better ways to navigate through the congestion and crowded cities, finding open parking systems in urban areas and even access to medical care in remote areas. Ford is inviting innovators and developers all over the world to help create solutions within the innovate mobility challenge series.

Sync is a service that a lot of Ford owners are already using and enjoy because of its advanced technology. Building off of the current capabilities,  Ford has begun to take the service to the next level with Sync 3. It is faster, more intuitive, and easier to use with a smartphone-like touch screen, easy to read graphics and more of a conversational speech recognition that will shake up all of its competitors.

Lets not forget the already semi-autonomous vehicles that are already on the road today. They use technology such as parking assist, adaptive cruise control, pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection, a lane keeping system as well as brake assist technology. Ford’s next step is to create a fully autonomous vehicle. Already undergoing road testing is a fully autonomous Ford Fusion hybrid. It uses the semi-autonomous technology that is already on the road today and adds four LiDAR sensors that will generate a 3D map in real time of your surrounding environment.

Ford is constantly setting new standards for all of its competition. We saw that with the new EcoBoost engine’s that are available in all of the new Ford models and the totally redesigned  2015 Ford F-150, and we are anticipating the ground breaking technology that is soon to come! Come check our large inventory that we have to offer here at George Waikem Ford and see the innovative technology that Ford already has to offer!

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