Review: 2013 Ford Expedition

The 2013 Ford Expedition remains one of the best vehicles for hauling a boat, hauling large cargo or hauling your kids around town.

The 2013 Expedition is one of the last vehicles to carry the traditional four-bar designed grille and has the classic Ford look. The Expedition has always been the top choice for those seeking a lot of space. You can fit up to 8 people on the inside, but when cargo needs are greater than people needs, simply fold down the seats. Then the Expedition becomes a makeshift moving van with up to 108.3 cubic feet on the Expedition and 130.8 on the Expedition Extended Length.

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2013 Toyota RAV4 Fails Safety Test: Now What?

The redesigned 2013 Toyota RAV4 has received a rating of “poor’ in the IIHS small overlap test.

According to Automotive News, this test simulates what happens when a driver crashes the left front quarter of a vehicle into an object such as a tree, telephone pole or another car. Small overlap test examines how well a vehicle handles 40-mph frontal collisions.

According to IIHS and Automotive News, the RAV4’s driver’s space was “seriously compromised by intruding structure, and the dummy’s left foot was trapped by crushed and buckled sheet metal in the footwell.”

The institute also said the seat belt allowed “excessive forward movement of the dummy’s head and torso, contributing to the head hitting the instrument panel.”

Watch the video: 2013 Toyota RAV4 fails small overlap crash test:

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Review: 2014 Honda Odyssey

2014 Honda Odyssey

The updated 2014 Honda Odyssey has great new special features and great technology

The updated 2014 Honda Odyssey has hit the Waikem Honda showroom. With its genius features, updated styling and improved fuel economy, the Odyssey is still the ultimate family vehicle.

When you talk about what’s new, you have to start with HondaVac, the vacuum cleaner built right into the van. It seems so obvious now, but it did take until 2014 for someone to think of it. The vacuum is installed in cargo area, and features a long hose and two attachments. We know your kids are messy and sometimes there’s a spill in the second or third row. Now with the HondaVac you’ll be able to sweep out the van on the go. We love the HondaVac and think it’s a true game changer. It comes standard on the Elite Touring model.

2014 Honda Odyssey vacuum2014 Honda Odyssey HondaVac2014 Honda Odyssey HondaVac logo


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Review: 2014 Nissan Versa Note

The all-new 2014 Nissan Versa Note features best in class fuel economy and great use of space.

The all-new 2014 Nissan Versa Note features best in class fuel economy and great use of space.

The 2014 Nissan Versa Note is the hatchback version of the recently redesigned model.

The Versa Note was released for the first time recently, and in some ways is a combination of the 2013 Nissan Versa under the hood and the Nissan Leaf on the outside. Some of the key highlights of the Versa Note include the lowered price, best in class fuel economy, great use of space and some great available features.


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Hyundai Veloster Coolest Car Under $18,000

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

The coolest car under $18,000.

Hyundai is no stranger to accolades and awards, nor do they shy away from great design.

Kelley Blue Book recently named the Hyundai Veloster as the coolest new car under $18,000. used two criteria for the list, fun-to-drive and fun-to-own when determing a vehicle’s “cool factor”. The Veloster’s three-door design and a turbo model make it an easy pick for the coolest affordable car.

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Honda Civic LX Voted Best Base Model

The 2013 Honda Civic LX was named one of the best base models by

The 2013 Honda Civic LX was named one of the best base models by says the 2013 Honda Civic LX is among the best base model cars.

The redesigned 2013 Honda Civic LX has a glut of special features, even at the base price, and we think this is an obvious choice. Even at the base price,you’ll get a rearview camera, tilt-telescoping steering wheel, Bluetooth, USB and Pandora capabilities.

Honda really stepped its game up for the new year to add all these great features at the prices you can afford.
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Honda Models Named Best Family Cars


The Honda AccordHonda Civic and Honda CR-V were named some of the best vehicles for families, according to a study by Parents Magazine and

The auto and parenting sites considered safety, fuel economy, technology and connectivity to complete its rankings.

With that said, it’s easy to see why all these models are on the list.

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Review: 2014 Ford Mustang

The 2014 Ford Mustang continues to show why the Pony Car is still the best American sports car.


The 2014 Ford Mustang comes with either a 3.7L V6, 5.0L V8, or 5.8L Supercharged V8. The Mustang 5.0 engine pays homage to the original 5.0, delivering 420 horsepower* and 390 lb.-ft. of torque. The powerplant features twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT), an aluminum engine block and cold-air induction to help improve power. But that’s only for starters. The 5.0 also has a compression ratio of 11:1 and a cylinder head designed to optimize airflow. Every part under the hood, including the high-energy coil- on-plug design, is engineered to work in harmony. This lets the muscular engine breathe efficiently and deliver 100 percent exhilaration every time you hit the gas. And then there’s the exhaust delivering a distinctive throaty roar. Pure Mustang.


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Review: 2013 Ford Flex

The 2013 Ford Flex is something to be seen. It’s not quite a crossover, not an SUV, but it’s also not a minivan or a sedan. What it is is one of the coolest wagons on the road today. It features great space for passengers and a ton of trunk space. Add in the unique styling, great MPG and nice technology, the Flex is a vehicle to be seen.

The Flex is a long wagon that features room for up to 7 passengers. In a lot of 7 passenger vehicles, you have to be very small to fit in the third row, but the Flex is different. We once had to take a group trip and we had 6 grown adult salesmen in a Flex. One passenger was more than 6’2 inches tall, and he also had very long legs. He choose to sit in the third row, and he could easily climb inside and comfortably.

No matter what size and shape your passengers are, we think they’ll enjoy sitting in the back seats of the Flex, something they couldn’t say in your current vehicle. But if you don’t have 7 passengers and you need additional space, it is easy to fold down that rear seat and use the Flex as if it were a van or a truck.

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Review: 2013 Ford Explorer

The 2013 Ford Explorer is one of the largest of Ford’s SUV lineup. It’s still one of the best 3 row SUVs and also provides great fuel economy and better technology.

The Explorer gets an incredible 28 MPG on the highway, powered by the 2.0L EcoBoost 1-4 engine. If you’re looking to tow your boat, you may want to jump to the 3.5L V6 engine. The 3.5 Liter has 290 hp, along with 255 lb-ft of torque and still gets up to 24 MPG on the highway. Many Explorer drivers tell us it is their favorite for towing the boat to Lake Erie over the summer.

Watch Our video: 2013 Ford Explorer Walkaround

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