Ford F Series Rated Best for Passenger Safety

ford superduty

The Ford F-250 and F-350 models are among the best vehicles for protecting passengers from injuries in an accident. 

That’s according to, who studied claims from the industry, and found that the Ford F-350 is the safest vehicle on the market in protecting passengers from injuries. The Ford F-250 was no. 4 overall in the industry.

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2013 Toyota RAV4 Fails Safety Test: Now What?

The redesigned 2013 Toyota RAV4 has received a rating of “poor’ in the IIHS small overlap test.

According to Automotive News, this test simulates what happens when a driver crashes the left front quarter of a vehicle into an object such as a tree, telephone pole or another car. Small overlap test examines how well a vehicle handles 40-mph frontal collisions.

According to IIHS and Automotive News, the RAV4’s driver’s space was “seriously compromised by intruding structure, and the dummy’s left foot was trapped by crushed and buckled sheet metal in the footwell.”

The institute also said the seat belt allowed “excessive forward movement of the dummy’s head and torso, contributing to the head hitting the instrument panel.”

Watch the video: 2013 Toyota RAV4 fails small overlap crash test:

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