The End of the December 2014 Will the Best Time to Buy a Car

The last week of 2014 will be the best time all year to purchase a vehicle. Automotive experts anticipate large incentives, deep discounts and plenty of customers to visit the showroom from Dec. 26 through Dec. 31.

“With manufacturers motivated to end the year strong, dealerships eager to lower their inventory levels, and brand specialists/managers motivated to hit sales targets, it provides car buyers with negotiating opportunities,” says

If you are in the market to purchase or lease your next vehicle, you would be mistaken to wait until January to drive home in your next vehicle. Last year, True Car reported that New Year’s Eve 2013 was the best day all year to save money on a new car.


Save up to $2,500 on this great 2014 Kia Soul at Waikem Kia

Save up to $2,500 on this great 2014 Kia Soul at Waikem Kia

So why Dec. 26-31? There’s a number of reasons actually:

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End of the Year is the Best Time to Buy a Car

Market experts say the last week of the year will the best week of 2013 to buy a car.

According to, the reason is simple, the manufacturer and the dealer want to meet their year-end goals.

As Jessica Caldwell, senior analyst at Edmunds says:  “Any time after Christmas – assuming a dealer hasn’t already met his/her sales target – would be a favorable time to buy a new car.”

Most specifically, market experts are saying the New Year’s Eve will be the best day to buy a car in 2013:

“The last day of the year is going to be the day that a consumer is most likely to get the best possible value when buying a new car,” says Alec Gutierrez, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book.

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