Today’s Cars are more Fuel Efficient and Powerful than Ever

A report from Business Insider reveals that vehicles are more powerful and more fuel efficient than they have ever been. Studying data from 1975 to 2013, Business Insider reports its never been a better time to own a car.

Start with adjusted fuel economy, or MPG. Model year 2013 vehicles are the most fuel efficient ever, across the board. Compared with 1975, vehicles are 80 percent more fuel efficient. Simply go back to ten years ago, and you’ll find that vehicles are more than 20 percent more efficient than they were at that time. Business Insider  says 2005 was a turning point for the industry and fuel economy.

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2014 Ford Fiesta with EcoBoost hits 45 MPG


The 1.0-liter 2014 Ford Fiesta with an EcoBoost three cylinder hit 45 MPG highway in the government’s official fuel economy test.

If these EPA Estimates are accurate, this will be the most efficient vehicle in its class. According to, the all new Fiesta engine reached 45 highway MPG. According to the EPA, this Fiesta also gets a combined 37 MPG, 32 MPG in the city. Compare that to the smart fortwo, which only gets an EPA estimated 38 on the highway, and the Chevy Spark, which only get an EPA estimate 39 MPG on the highway.

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The Mitsubishi i: Another electric test drive

The Mitsubishi i is one of the most anticipated electric vehicles to hit the market, so when ours was delivered we were eager to take it out for a test drive.

After an hour with the car, we feel it has great battery life and a fun design. Taller drivers may have problems with legroom, and we feel the interface could be more user friendly.

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Customers Getting More Than Ever For Their Trade

The resurgence of the auto industry is a great story to tell, and the Canton Repository told the local story in Thursday’s newspaper.

Right on the front page is the headline “Car Sales Surge,” and Waikem co-owner Doug Waikem says “In 37 years, I’ve never seen business this good.”

He said customers are getting more than ever for their trades. “Right now, people get retail for their trades.”

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