Hyundai CEO Receives Award

Hyundai CEO, John Krafcik, earns Auto Exec of the year award. Photo from

Hyundai CEO, John Krafcik, earns Auto Exec of the year award.

John Krafcik, CEO at Hyundai North America, has recently earned the Automotive Executive of the Year award.

Each year since 1964 the Automotive Executive of the Year “celebrates individuals who demonstrate great leadership and tireless dedication to the innovation and creative thinking needed to succeed in this industry.”

The award was given to the Hyundai CEO because he “reshaped the way Hyundai approaches the market with consumer focus, compelling design, and enduring value”, says Robert Djurovic, executive director of the Automotive Executive of the Year Award program.

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Hyundai Elantra Sets All-Time Sales Record

2013 Hyundai Elantra

The 2013 Hyundai Elantra broke all time sales records this year.

Hyundai Motor America announced the Hyundai Elantra, ALG’s compact car residual value leader for three straight years, has set another all-time sales record in 2012, surpassing last year’s total of 186,361 units earlier this month. With a week left in the year, Elantra could become Hyundai’s second model to break the 200,000 unit mark in annual sales, joining its big brother Sonata at that level, which is also built at Hyundai’s assembly in Alabama.

When you first drive the Elantra, you’ll completely understand why all your friends are switching over to the Hyundai product. The 2012 Elantra was named the “North American Car of the Year,” and the incredible style of the Elantra will just blow your mind. Elantras changed the way people think about sedans thanks to cutting edge, swooping lines, great colors and even more stylish seat choices. All Elantras also come with Bluetooth, now a necessity thanks to new rules for driving and using a cell phone.

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Hyundai talks success

It’s a good time for Hyundai. They are making some of the most popular, fuel efficient vehicles on the market today, including the 2012 Hyundai Elantra, the 2012 North America Car of the Year.

Hyundai CEO John Krafcik recently sat down with the Associated Press and talked about how Hyundai managed to rise above the competition to become one of the most popular brands on the road today.

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