Domestic Cars Making a Comeback

2013 Ford Fusion

The age-old argument between the Domestic and Import has raged on since what feels like forever. And for the past decade it seemed rather one-sided.

That is until auto industry research and consulting company Strategic Vision released its 2013 Total Quality Index study recently. Strategic Vision has been at this since 1994 and looks at factors from traditional counting of reported problems to examining subtle elements that influence car-buying decisions.

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Ford F-150: One of the Most American Made Vehicles on the Road

Ford F-150

The 2013 Ford F-150 is one of the most American made vehicles on the road today.

Frank DuBois, a global supply chain management expert at American University’s Kogod School of Business, led an analysis to discover the most American made vehicles on the road.

By using data from the American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA) reports you can see the F-150‘s content is 75% made in the United States or Canada. The AALA was enacted in 1992 to inform consumers about the percentage of American content which comprises each car.

Focusing on not only where each part of a vehicle is made but where the manufacturer is headquartered, where most research and development occurs, where assembly occurs, and where the engine and transmission comes from DuBois found the top most American made vehicles. And the Ford F-150 ranked in the top five of that list.