Meet the First Owner of a 2015 Ford F-150

Ford has introduced us to the first owner of a 2015 Ford F-150. This real world test drive shows the performance capabilities of the F-150, along with the consistency of the EcoBoost Engine.


Brian Schober with his 2015 Ford F-150 in Yuma Arizona

The first owner is Brian Schober, a systems engineer for military vehicle testing in Yuma, Arizona. Schober drove his all-new F-150 through many off-road excursions in the Arizona desert. He tore this F-150 through rock crawls, sand washes and suspension challenges in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, and came out sold on the all-new truck.

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Testing a vehicle in the winter

Car dealers don’t wait by the radio waiting to see if they get a snow day, because car dealers don’t get snow days.

January and February are not Ohio’s best months weather wise, but our experts say there are benefits to test driving a vehicle on a typical Ohio winter weather day.

The number one rule has to be safety first, according to used vehicle manager Jorge Cerrezuela. Don’t come to the dealership if there is a snow driving ban or severe weather. If there is a little bit of cold or snow and the conditions are not averse to driving, there are some benefits to taking a test drive.

  1. If you have a treacherous driveway, a job in the snow belt, or you like to take a vehicle outdoors, you can test it on a colder day with light precipitation to see how it handles an Ohio winter.
  2. Testing in the winter will help you determine if you can live with front or rear wheel drive, or if you would rather purchase an all wheel drive model. 4WD and AWD vehicles can also be put to the test when you test on a winter day.
  3. Testing in the winter lets you know if the vehicle can handle Ohio’s winter.
  4. Testing in the winter lets you test all winter related functions of a used vehicle, including wipers, traction control, tires, heater, fluid levels. (Note: The Waikem Auto Family Service staff also inspects all these functions before we place the vehicle on the dealership lot).

But just remember to be safe and don’t put yourself in harm’s way. If you are ready to test drive today, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment, we’ll have the vehicle clean, warm and ready when you arrive!