Review: 2013 Ford Focus

The 2013 Ford Focus builds off the very popular redesign in 2012. You see a lot of these models on the road today. With their great fuel economy, wide range of features and the unmistakable styling, it only takes one test drive to see why all your friends are coming back to Ford.

When you talk about the Focus, you have to talk about its fuel economy. The Focus gets up to 37 MPG on the highway! At a time when gas prices are well above the $3 mark and sometimes approach that $4 mark, you’ll need a car like this 2013 Ford Focus. Ford is helping you stay away from the gas pump.

Next of course is that distinctive Ford Focus styling. Jaws dropped when the Ford Focus was introduced last year, and that unmistakable front grille, quality down the sides and rear of the Focus returns this year. That design was such a hit that Ford has carried it over to other popular redesigns, including the Ford Escape and Ford Fusion.

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Review: 2013 Honda CR-V

The 2013 Honda CR-V follows the popular redesign of 2012. As one of the most fuel efficient and award winning vehicles currently on the road today, we always feel you cannot wrong when you choose this Honda Crossover.

One thing everyone says is that the Honda CR-V is fun to drive. We detailed the redesign in great depth last year, and were please to find that 2013 picks up where 2012 left off. The Honda CR-V is very comfortable inside, with an emphasis on quality design and a smooth ride.

The CR-V is also a Buckeye, manufactured at Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc., East Liberty Auto Plant in Ohio.

With up to 30 MPG, the Honda CR-V is one of the most fuel efficient SUVS to offer All Wheel Drive. The All Wheel Drive option was first introduced last year, and we think it’s important to have All Wheel Drive in this area.

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WATCH: Subaru Impreza All Wheel Drive in a Blizzard

Last week we told you that MSN voted the Subaru Impreza as “The Best Snow Vehicle.”

After a major blizzard hit Ohio last week, we decided to see if MSN made the right decision. Check out our winter test drive of the Subaru Impreza and All Wheel Drive:

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Review: 2013 Nissan Juke Built to Thrill

2013 Nissan Juke

The 2013 Nissan Juke combines unique styling with fuel economy, space and special features for a can’t miss Crossover.

There’s no question that the Nissan Juke may be the coolest vehicle on the road. With a style unlike any other on the road and a glut of awards in the trophy case, the Juke may the best choice for a fun, crossover SUV.

You can’t talk about the Juke without mentioning style first. You won’t see another vehicle like the Juke. Those high, thin swooping high lights with the big headlights and available fog lights give the front end something you’ve never seen before.


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Review: 2013 Ford Edge

2013 Ford Edge

The 2013 Ford Edge builds on what makes this popular crossover a great vehicle.

With great fuel economy, top of the line tech and smooth ride, the 2013 Ford Edge should be an obvious choice if you’re seeking the smaller SUV.

In our test drive, we found the Edge to be spacious, comfortable and overall a fun car to drive. Styling hasn’t changed much from the 2012 model, but that’s not a bad thing, because drivers find the Ford Edge to be one of the most stylish SUVS on the market.

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